Wine Pronunciation

Pronunciation guide to wine types:

A little help to prevent you from embarrassing yourself when you are among the wine elite or those that think they are Wine connoisseurs.

Blanc de Noir Blahnk duh Nwahr
Brut Broot
Cabernet Sauvignon    Cab-er-nay Saw-vin-yawn
Carignane Kare-in-yawn
Chardonnay Shar-duh-nay
Chenin Blanc Shen-in-Blahnk
Fume Blanc Foo-may Blahnk
Gewurztraminer Guh-vertz-truh-mean-er
Grenache Gruh-nosh
Meritage Mare-eh-tedge
Merlot Mer-low
Muscat Muss-kat
Petite Sirah Puh-teet Ser-ah
Pinot Noir Pea-no Nwahr
Reisling Reez-ling
Rose Roe-zay
Semillon Sem-ee-yawn
Syrah Ser-ah
Zinfandel Zin-fun-dell

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