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Daniel Francisco

Senior Director of Product Management, RelateIQ

Daniel Francisco is Senior Director of Product Management at RelateIQ, a company building the world’s first Relationship Intelligence platform. His team focuses on creating features to help you make sense of your inbox, leveraging data science to learn more about your network. In short, Daniel is tasked with providing users with superpowers when it comes to managing their professional relationships.

Previously, he was Chief of Staff for Jeff Weiner and Lead Product Manager for Data Science at LinkedIn. Earlier in his career, he served as a Program Manager at Microsoft. He studied computer engineering at the University of Waterloo.

Pretish Abraham

Program Manager, Exchange, Microsoft

Pretish is Program Manager at Microsoft in the Exchange team. He has led the engineering teams responsible for the Outlook, Exchange, and Exchange Online developer platform for the past 2 years. During this time his teams have designed and built the Office 365 OData APIs, OAuth 2.0 and made continuous improvements to the apps for Outlook extensibility model. Pretish is extremely passionate about empowering app developers to leverage the rich mail, calendar, contact, and task data inside of office, and democratizing the distribution and usage of apps by users and organizations. Pretish has worked in the software industry for more than 15 years. Prior to his current role, he worked on the Office 365 Datacenter team tasked with building the directory, authentication and access control services for Office 365. Pretish enjoys snowboarding, reading, travel and hiking. He lives in Redmond, Washington.

Venkat Ayyadevara

Program Manager, Outlook team

Venkat is a Program Manager at Microsoft on the Outlook team and owns the mail, calendar, and contact APIs for Office 365, Exchange, and Outlook. He has been at Microsoft for over 6 years and has worked on the developer platform, server-to-server OAuth framework, an Exchange protocol-aware request-routing frontend, Outlook Web App, and a new transport for Outlook/Exchange connectivity called MAPI over HTTP. Prior to Microsoft, Venkat worked at Amazon Web Services, Evoxis (a startup in Pittsburgh, PA), and Trilogy Software in Austin, TX. He lives in the Seattle metro area and enjoys reading about current affairs, watching murder mysteries, and music of all varieties.

Eric DeFriez

Technical Lead, Gmail API, Google

Eric has been with Google since 2005 and is currently the technical lead for the Gmail API project and the Extensibility Platform initiative, all part of his efforts to make it easier for developers to build on top of Gmail. You can catch him answering questions on StackOverflow, and participating at Google IO and on Google+. He works and lives in the Bay Area, and also enjoys sailing, hiking, and rock climbing.

Tony Blank

Developer Evangelist, Context.IO

Previously, Tony worked as an audio engineer in Atlanta, had a short-lived, ill-advised stint in marketing, and built a data center in South Carolina for Google. He’s filled in the gaps playing music in various dark and smoky drinking establishments. His spare time is filled up with hacking interesting and worthy projects, in addition to mentoring a number of accelerator programs. Currently, he enjoys telling developers about Context.IO and helping build awesome apps on top of email.

Stephan Somogyi

Product Manager, Security and Privacy, Google

Stephan Somogyi is currently the Product Manager for Security and Privacy at Google, as well as serving as an Advisor to Google Ventures. He has been a part of the Safe Browsing project at Google, as well as End-to-End, which is a project that seeks to make strong encryption more usable.

Prior to Google, Stephan also worked with VMWare, Infineon, the PGP Corporation, and was a journalist for the Economist, Financial Times, Wired, and I.D. Magazine. He chairs the Privacy and Public Policy Working Group of the FIDO Alliance, and has also worked as a brand strategist and information designer.

Ladar Levison

Founder, LavaBit

Ladar Levison is the Founder of Lavabit, LLC.  Founded in 2004 (originally named Nerdshack), Lavabit served as a place for free anonymous email accounts.  By August of 2013, Levison had grown Lavabit to over 400,000 users, with over 100,000 paid subscribers to Lavabit’s encrypted e-mail services. Levison created Lavabit because he believes that privacy is a fundamental, and necessary right of the American people. On August 8, 2013, he made the bold decision to shut down his business after “refusing to be complicit in crimes against the American people.” Levison is currently vigorously advocating for the privacy and free speech rights of all Americans.

Colin Nederkoorn


Colin Nederkoorn is the CEO of, a data-driven email marketing platform. He’s a student of both email design and copywriting and shares what he learns on the Blog and in online classes. He recently moved from NYC to Portland, Oregon for the hiking, food trucks and the cloudy weather.

Justin Khoo

Founder, CampaignWorkhub

Justin is the founder of CampaignWorkhub, a platform that makes it easy for marketers to get feedback and approvals for their email campaigns. He experiments with interactive email techniques and blogs about them on Previously he worked on Webmail interfaces at (acquired by Proofpoint). Justin often wonders why Outlook still doesn’t support proper HTML.

Andrew King

Senior Strategy Consultant, Lyris

Andrew is Sr. Strategy Consultant at Lyris. He has worked in marketing across three different continents for major car manufacturers, institutions, and retailers. He joined Lyris in 2010 and consults with a variety of clients on email strategy, design, mobile optimization, testing, and much more. Andrew can regularly be found pondering the future of email while sipping on artisanal espresso.

Ros Hodgekiss

Community Manager, Campaign Monitor

Ros Hodgekiss is the Community Manager for Campaign Monitor (, an email marketing and copywriting nerd, Disaster Volunteer with the American Red Cross and an enthusiastic, but not polished dancer. Her experiences from 8 years of creating and sending email campaigns have resulted in countless resources for email coders, including blog posts, Smashing Magazine articles, the Guide to CSS Support in Email and the Guide to Responsive Email Design. When not cycling around San Francisco, Ros spends her time educating designers on the black art of email marketing.

Allen Nance

CEO and founder, WhatCounts

Allen Nance has been an email entrepreneur for fifteen years. As the founder and CEO of the email marketing software company, WhatCounts, he has lead the company to three Inc. 500 designations, and 700 clients sending billions of emails around the globe. He is a graduate of Georgia Institute of Technology, blogs at and tweets from @AllenNance.

Paul Vixie

CEO, Farsight Security

Dr. Paul Vixie designed, implemented and deployed several Domain Name System (DNS) protocol extensions and applications that are used throughout the Internet today. He is CEO and Chairman of Farsight Security, Inc. Previously, he served as President, Chairman and Founder of Internet Systems Consortium (ISC), as President of MAPS, PAIX and MIBH, and as CTO of Abovenet/MFN. Since 2005, Dr. Vixie has served on ARIN Board of Trustees. He is a founding member of ICANN Root Server System Advisory Committee and ICANN Security and Stability Advisory Committee. He operated ISC’s F-Root name server for many years, and is a member of Cogent’s C-Root team. He is a sysadmin for Op Sec Trust. He earned his Ph.D. from Keio University for work related to DNS and DNSSEC, and was recently named to the 2014 Internet Hall of Fame.

Dmitri Leonov

Co-founder, VP of Growth, Sanebox

Dmitri Leonov is an established internet entrepreneur who is currently leading growth efforts at Sanebox. He began his career working in finance with a focus on software and Internet mergers and acquisitions. He has since gone on to head key business development and strategy positions at giants like Overture and Yahoo!, and also founded the social startup Wanto. He is now actively involved as a cofounder at Sanebox, a service that filters out and summarizes unimportant emails. He’s been known to guest blog at VentureBeat, Mashable and Fast Company, enjoys astronomy, physics, playing music, and laying on the beach with his wife and daughter.

Alexander Moore

Alex is the CEO of Baydin, an email productivity company. Baydin makes software that combines AI and behavioral science to ease the burden on overloaded emailers. The company is best known for its wildly popular Boomerang email scheduling extension, which has been downloaded over a 3 million times and brought the company to profitability 6 months after exiting beta.

Alex previously worked at Analog Devices and graduated with Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees from MIT. When taking a break from his email, Alex makes a Chicken Florentine that tastes like angels singing and is a rabid Alabama football fan. He tweets at @awmoore.

Andrew Eye

Co-founder and CEO, Boxer

Andrew’s executive and entrepreneurial experience spans 16 years in B2C and B2B, for startups and Fortune 500 companies. Today Andrew is the Co-Founder and CEO of Boxer. In 2007, Andrew co-founded the cyber security firm, Ciphent. Ciphent grew to nearly 100 employees with 1000 customers by 2010 before being acquired by Accuvant. With a three year growth rate of 8900%, Ciphent was recognized by Inc. Magazine as the #16th Fastest Growing Private Company in the United States. During his tenure as SVP of Services at Accuvant Andrew oversaw a $50mm, 200 person organization and was responsible for doubling revenues in 18 months. As CEO of Bodkin Consulting Group Andrew worked with Fortune 500 brands and technology companies to define their interactive marketing strategies. Andrew began his career as a software architect working with NASA, i2 technologies, and the US Marine Corps. Andrew graduated Suma Cum Laude from Virgina Tech with a degree in Management Information Technology. Andrew lives in Austin TX with his wife, two daughters, and champion “Dock Dog” Sophie.

Shalini Agarwal

Senior Product Manager, Inbox, Google

Shalini is the senior product manager for the Inbox team at Google, and was previously the product manager on the Gmail team. She has also worked on Google Maps, Local Ads, SMB products, and TV Ads.

Joshua Baer

Chief Innovation Officer, Return Path

Joshua Baer spends all day worrying about email so that you don’t have toHe is an email marketing pioneer and the Founder of OtherInbox, which was acquired by Return Path in 2011. He has founded or invested in a dozen email startups and you can see his mark on about half of the email messages in your Inbox. Joshua helps people quit their jobs and become entrepreneurs.He brought together 20 others to form the Capital Factory early stage accelerator to mentor and invest in tech startups. Joshua founded his first startup in 1996 in his college dormitory and now teaches a class at the University of Texas for student entrepreneurs. He received Computer Science and Information Decision Systems degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and lives in Austin, TX with his wife and three children.

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Jared Goralnick

Founder & CEO, AwayFind

Jared Goralnick is Founder and CEO of, a web application that addresses email interruptions. In 2010 he sold his technology productivity training company, SET Consulting, that worked with organizations like NTT, HP, NIST, and the FBI. He is also the EVP of the Information Overload Research Group, Founder of Ignite DC, and a Mentor at Founder Institute and 500 Startups. You can find Jared blogging/tweeting online at, and he’s also written for sites like Lifehacker and WebWorkerDaily. He received a software engineering degree at 17 and Bachelor’s in Philosophy with honors from University of Maryland at 20. When he’s not addressing (or suffering from) information overload on his blog or at conferences, he’s a big fan of photography, swing and blues dance. He divides his time between San Francisco, Buenos Aires, and Washington, DC.

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