Return Path tells us how they are making the customer the hero

We had the chance to talk with Dan Corbin at Return Path, an Inbox Love sponsor, to find out what’s new. They continue to innovate and provide interesting tools for companies and developers, as you’ll find out in this interview.

Return Path always seems to be doing new and interesting things. What’s the main focus driving you forward and helping you move forward the email space?

A big focus this year at Return Path and Context.IO (Return Path’s email API company) has been turning our customers into heroes. Finding new ways to help clients succeed is something the entire company is passionate about. A great example of this at Return Path is our recent Email Optimization launch. We introduced new tools that allow our customers to reach the right inbox, with the right message, at the right time. The result for our clients is increased revenue from their email marketing programs.

At Context.IO we make customers into heroes in a number of ways. First, we continue to iterate and expand our API features set, which opens up new possibilities for application ideas. One example is our new receipt parsing tool in the API. Next, we expanded our support operations so we could accelerate the onboarding of new clients, while also helping existing clients quickly resolve any obstacles they encounter. Finally, we’ve started a co-marketing program with some the developers building on our API. The marketing is a big help for apps looking to gain users and raise their profile.

What are some of the most interesting applications that developers have built on the Context.IO platform?

The variety of applications built on top of the Context.IO API has been incredible. There’s so much useful data in email that the range of applications utilizing that information is quite large. However, I’m most excited about applications that empower consumers. Let me give you some examples.


Paribus gets you your money back

Paribus gets you your money back when prices fall

Paribus is a true champion of the consumer. They automatically get you money back if the price of your online purchase falls, is being sold elsewhere for less, or you missed a coupon code during checkout. They currently monitor the prices at almost 20 major merchants such as Amazon, Best-Buy, Target, Walmart, Gap, and Banana Republic.

We work closely with Paribus to ensure they can reach and monitor the important purchase data. I use them personally and I’m saving almost 10% of all my eligible online purchases. I love it!


The app that ensures you never miss a sale!

The app that ensures you never miss a sale.

Shopami is another great app looking out for consumers. Shopami finds all discount offers from your inbox and notifies you before they expire. It also has location services and will alert you if you’re near a store that has sent you a discount email. Simply turn on you Shopami app when you shop and you’ll never miss another offer again!

That’s some great stuff. What would a dev need to do or know to get started on their own solutions? Is it difficult to use the Context.IO API?

The API is free to use. Developers just need to register for an API key. In doing so, they’ll be guided to our developer console where they can start testing our services. Sign up and in just a few minutes you’ll be making RESTful API calls and pulling back data from the inbox. It’s that simple.

The recent Context.IO App Challenge is an example of how quickly you can incorporate email data into your app using our API. The online hackathon lasted just three months and in that time we had 55 separate submissions. That’s a huge number of apps in such a short period of time. It demonstrates the utility and flexibility of Context.IO.

For those interested in learning more about Context.IO, they can sign up for a key, check out our docs, or email at!

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