Q&A with Mike Veilleux from Dyn: transactional email, mobile analytics, and email performance

Mike Veilleux is the Director of Email Product at Dyn, and he’ll be speaking at Inbox Love.  We’re reaching out to several folks on the stage to learn why email is so important to their business and how they see the future.  Here’s some Q&A with Mike.

1. What are you most excited about with email these days?
We’re most excited about providing large scale enterprise email products. In the past, companies that rely on email for a significant part of their revenue have been hesitant to use email service providers. We feel that this is changing however through the fact that we’re now offering a transparent and stable platform, both in infrastructure stability, and deliverability / reputation stability.

2. I see you’ll be speaking about email performance , any quick preview you can share about that session?
This session will be a quick hit of deliverability education, offering a bunch of tactical tips and other info that we often use to help our customers achieve optimal inbox delivery.

3. Anyone you’re looking to connect with at Inbox Love?
Anyone building a product that needs to send transactional or bulk email to its users – no matter how big or small the organization.

4. Any big news at Dyn we should know about?
On Oct. 1, we announced the opportunity for people to beta test our new mobile analytics product. This is very exciting for us because it is a new direction for Dyn and helps deliver on our promise of assuring our customers’ performance. For more information visit www.dyn.com.

5. What will email look like in 2023?
The flexibility of email, and non-proprietary infrastructure and protocol, is what has made it such a success over the years. Our prediction is that through even more options within email headers, content encodings, and email viewers, you’ll see even more complex systems built on top of the SMTP communication protocol. These applications will bring social media, secure business interactions, and personal or commercial communication to a new level!


A big thank you to Mike Veilleux from Dyn for his feedback.! We’ll be back here next week with more insights from our speakers & sponsors.

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