An Interview with Yahoo Mail’s Kaushal Kurapati

Kaushal Kurapati is the Senior Director of Product at Yahoo Mail.   We’re reaching out to several Inbox Love speakers to get their take on the email ecosystem and their predictions for the future.  Here’s Kaushal…

1. You guys just had a huge launch with Yahoo Mail.  Anything you’re particularly excited about there?
We just celebrated the 16th birthday of Yahoo Mail by launching an updated experience so there’s a lot we’re excited about! Specifically, we’ve introduced conversations so you can see an entire conversation at one time. We have added rich new photo themes from Flickr to bring a bit of inspiration to your inbox. The design was refreshed to make you more efficient and quick actions now appear when you hover over an email. We also made many features that were previously reserved for our premium Mail Plus users free – like disposable email addresses, POP access and enhanced filters. And, if that wasn’t enough, we’re giving you a monstrous amount of storage – 1TB, which is enough to store 50 million average sized emails.

2. I see you’re talking about “email workflow” at Inbox Love, any quick preview you can share about that session?
I plan to talk about our latest Yahoo Mail experience and how we optimized it for users to get them to search more easily, send/reply more, and in general get things done faster. I’ll also talk about some of the lesser known features like being able to search by category (do a query “is:  travel”) to see all of your travel emails filtered.

3. Anyone you’re looking to connect with at Inbox Love?
I’d like to meet any companies or startups that are working towards organizing email data better and making it more easily searchable and discoverable for users.

4. Has there been any big news at Yahoo that Inbox Lovers should know about?
Aside from our refreshed Yahoo Mail, we’ve also recently introduced an updated MyYahoo, a new Yahoo app for iOS, and a new Yahoo Screen app for iOS.  And a new logo, too!

5. What will email look like in 2023?
We see the inbox as being the center of everything that you care about in your life – your family, your friends, your travel, your home repair, your appointments and much, much more. We think that this will only grow in the coming decade. Email is with you across all devices, everywhere you go. Your inbox is a place where you store what you care about and where you can always access what you need later.

Thanks so much to Kaushal Kurapati for his insight!  We’ll be back here next week with more insights from our speakers & sponsors.

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