An Interview with Constant Contact’s Josh Scherman

Josh Scherman is the Senior Manager of Technology Partnerships at Constant Contact.  We’re reaching out to Inbox Love speakers to get their insights on the email ecosystem and their predictions for what lies ahead.  Here’s Josh…

1. You all are doing some awesome things at the intersection of email, contacts, and data at Constant Contact, what are you most excited about these days?
I’m excited about a ton of cool things that we’re doing for our small business customers.  We recently announced new and improved contact management and reporting features to help small businesses implement more educated marketing strategies by looking at things like interaction history, open rates, click rates, and much more.  We’re also doing some really interesting things with big data.  We send 45 billion emails each year on behalf of our customers.  That gives us a ton of information that we can analyze to come up with actionable insights for our customers.  A great example is figuring out the best time to send an email to get the most opens.  This is something that will really help our customers be even more successful with their marketing.

2. Are there any companies you’re looking to connect with, either at conferences like Inbox Love or more generally?
For us, it’s pretty simple: if you want to help small businesses succeed, we want to talk to you.  Our interest is in putting the best apps, integrations, and services in front of our customers that will help them grow their business.  If you’re looking for an opportunity to reach more than 500,000 small businesses, we should talk.

3. Has there been any big news at Constant Contact that Inbox Lovers should know about?
We’re also doing some really interesting things with our partner program through our revamped AppConnect Developer Platform which provides developers with an open API that easily integrates their applications into our online marketing tools.  The platform gives our small business customers a MarketPlace to choose the right tool to meet their business needs.

5. What will email look like in 2023?
Email marketing won’t be thought of as marketing in the traditional sense.  Email marketing will instead be more like a one-on-one interaction between the customer and the brand.  It will be like taking the personalization of an in store experience and transforming that to the online space.  Brands will know their customers even better and customers will feel a part of the brands they love.  It’ll truly be a win-win for both the customer and the business.

Thank you to Josh and Constant Contact for your ideas!  You were a big part of making Inbox Love 2013 a success–thank you!!

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