An interview with Dave McDowell, Senior VP and GM at AOL

It’s one of the original names in email, and continues to drive forward innovation and change: AOL. As a sponsor of Inbox Love 2015, Dave McDowell from AOL was kind enough to share some insight into AOL’s recent moves, and dishes out a few interesting tidbits you’ll want to pay attention to! Read on in our Q&A below.

IL: There have been some big changes at AOL recently. What is new and important?

DM: AOL has been on a tear this summer. In June, we were acquired by Verizon and also signed a deal to handle display, mobile and video ad sales for Microsoft brands like MSN and Xbox, in addition to partnering on search. In August, AOL acquired Ashe Avenue, the developers behind VICE Media’s platform, to drive innovation in and our lifestyle brands. Later in August, we acquired Kanvas Labs, an exciting mobile platform for creators to express themselves with multimedia content. And, AOL recently announced our intent to acquire Millennial Media, which is a mobile advertising technology platform.

IL: What new directions, partnerships, or ideas are driving AOL forward right now?

DM: If you look at the partnerships and acquisitions we have made over the last few months, you see a clear focus on mobile platforms that connect consumers and creators, including brands. Email fits in with that focus as the ultimate open platform, which is why it’s been so resilient in mobile where AOL is setting itself up to win.

IL: Who are you looking to connect with at Inbox Love?

DM: Developers and early adopters. We have some exciting news to share at the event and we are looking for partners to help us.

IL: What is the future of email as you look ten years out to 2025?

DM: Email is more important than ever to consumers, but it’s become increasingly transactional as personal communication moves to social networks and messaging apps. I think we’ll see the same trend in the enterprise, as more and more collaboration happens outside the inbox. But, if the trend in consumer email is any indication, both the volume and richness of data in the enterprise inbox will continue to increase. city guides

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