A Q&A with WhatCounts

WhatCounts VP of Digital Marketing, Tim Muenchen, was kind enough to sit down and answer some interesting questions for us about the current email landscape and what WhatCounts is doing to enhance their customers’ experience. The ideas put forward are very interesting, and we’re sure you’ll learn something interesting from them!

What are you turning your customers on to in email that is exciting them the most these days?

Everyone in the email industry knows that personalization is huge. Subscribers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and selective when it comes to what they read and what goes straight into their trash bin. Our clients are email experts who recognize that their subscribers want relevant and personalized emails and are consistently seeking ways to guarantee them that.  So, the exciting intersection these days is around dynamic content driven by online behavior.  The advancement of machine learning algorithms to predict and serve email offers based on behaviors certainly has our clients excited.

We also recently released our new drag-and-drop Lifecycle Marketing UI on our Professional Platform, and our customers have been thrilled with the new features and interface. Our Lifecycle Marketing UI allows customers to use an easy-to-navigate, drag-and-drop system to deploy fully automated, complex, customer engagement marketing campaigns. We tend to preach a lifecycle approach coupled with hyper-personalization, something that is definitely resonating with our clients.

Along with sponsoring Inbox Love you’ve been promoting your 57 Tips for Growing Your Email List eBook. What do people need to know about email marketing that they don’t?

If there is one thing all email marketers have in common, it is the desire to grow their email lists with engaged readers. Our eBook, 57 Tips for Growing Your Email List, is full of tips ranging from more traditional methods to innovative ideas that many email marketers haven’t tried out. Some of these include promoting subscriptions through SMS, recognizing the list-growth benefits in routinely purging your list, and implementing a popup on your site–the list goes on and on.

One thing we are consistently preaching is to just get weird with it. Email is an excellent medium to try new things to entice readers – creative subject lines, promotions, adding images and videos, etc. If you can think of it, you can test it on your audience and see how it performs. This is something I often see email marketers forgetting to do—just try new things! Part of what allows email to have such a great ROI is the fact that it doesn’t box you in. Nothing is set in stone, so just experiment.

Who are you looking to connect with at Inbox Love?

For us, we are just looking forward to networking with all the industry insiders at Inbox Love.  Inbox Love attracts the smartest people in the email space.  We love talking email and are focused on email innovation.  We hope to connect with anyone who’s passionate about the space, so make sure to catch us at the conference.

What’s coming up for WhatCounts?

Recently, the WhatCounts team has been basking in the glory of our September 22 release of the drag-and-drop Lifecycle Marketing UI on our Professional Platform. We will be continuing to roll-out some upgrades in the coming months.

The WhatCounts team is also gearing up for the final stop on our 2014 Email Innovation Tour, which will be in Portland, Oregon. If you’re in the area, make sure to join us for some sessions on the future of email, mastering holiday emails, dynamic content and more! Check out our website for more details on the Portland stop, which will be on November 5, 2014 at the Sentinel Hotel.

What will email look like in 2024?

We have lots of ideas about the future of email. Among those, we look for significant changes around the mobile inbox.  We expect there will be a new mobile only client that significantly changes mobile interaction.  We see major advancement of in-app email payment transactions.  And we expect significant change on the delivery side with IPV6.

WhatCounts’ CEO, Allen Nance, will be at Inbox Love talking sharing our thoughts about the future of email, so make sure you attend his session to find out where we think all the innovations will be.

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