A Q&A with Context.IO

We had  chance to get some questions in to Dan Corbin, product manager and Tony Blank, developer evangelsit, from ReturnPath, and got some great insights from them to share here.


What are the most interesting things your customers are building with Context.IO’s email API and tools?

We see customers build entire platforms on top of Context.IO. One of those is called Unified Inbox. They’re mashing up email, social media, sms, etc. to create a unified communications platform where their users can receive and respond to many different communication methods however they want. We also have other customers who have apps that want to consume a smaller portion of email data. Airhelp is one of those companies. They examine their user’s email data for flight receipts in the past three years and help them get refunds or vouchers if the flights were delayed or cancelled.

Why do developers need your product? How can it help them?

Working with archaic email protocols is not an easy thing to do. Context.IO abstracts away the complexity and makes building on top of email easy and predictable. check broken links . Email features can be shipped in days instead of months.

Who are you looking to connect with at Inbox Love?

We’re here to meet entrepreneurs and developers who want to build innovative applications on top of email. We want to help them make email better!

What’s in the future for Context.IO?

Lots of exciting things! We’re currently working on natively supporting Exchange servers. We’ll be working on giving developers an easy way to get structured receipt data out of email soon.

What will email look like in 2024?

Email will still be a part of our daily lives, but what will change are the apps that we use to consume email. We won’t use a monolithic email client to handle all of our messages – we’ll have an ecosystem of apps that all are informed by email data.

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